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Entry cost is $40 for one athletics event. Additional $10 per extra event entered.
PLEASE NOTE field events are capped at 4 trials per person and entries will close for all track and field events on 31st January. These timings are subject to change.

Tuesday 18th

                                              Male                                                     Female

10.00am                             Triple Jump                                        Javelin

10.30                                    100m                                                   100m

11.30am                               Javelin                                                Triple Jump

12.00                                    3000m Walk                                      3000m Walk

1.00                                       1500m                                                 1500m

1.30                                       Shot Put                                             High Jump

2.15                                       400m                                                    400m

Wednesday 19th 

9.30am                                5000m                                                 5000m

9.45am                                High Jump                                          Long Jump

10.30                                    200m                                                    200m

10.45                                    Discus

11.30                                    4 x 100m Relay                                  4 x 100m Relay

12.00                                    Long Jump                                         Shot Put

1.00pm                                800m                                                    800m

1.30pm                                                                                                Discus

2.00pm                               Swedish Relay                                     Swedish Relay

Relay teams to be formed track side, no later than 2 hours before the event time.

Changing Rooms: Provided at venue
Nearest First Aid: First Aid Room at venue
Nearest Food and Beverage Station: Canteen at venue, local cafe and shops.

For more information and to register for this event visit our registration platform or contact us.

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